Rambler Fire Pit (On Backorder)
Rambler Fire Pit (On Backorder)
Rambler Fire Pit (On Backorder)
$ 399.99

Rambler Fire Pit (On Backorder)


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You should be able to take in a deep-breath of fresh air and not have to worry about the smoke from your fire pit bothering you.

Get yourself our reliable fire pit so you can just sit back and enjoy the outdoors with our smokeless design.

The Hot Ash Smokeless Fire Pit utilizes gasification technology to create a smoke-free fire pit experience. This means that air is pulled into the holes at the bottom, becomes heated between the inner walls of the fire pit, and is reignited at the top. This second ignition is what burns off those smoke-making creosotes.

Order now get a free pair of 900°F heat-proof gloves!

Get a Hot Ash Fire Pit, and find out how great a smokeless fire can really be.


The fire pit has a special ash pan inside to catch all of that burned firewood. Once the ashes have cooled, simply slide the grate and ash pan out, and dispose of the ashes in a safe container.


The Rambler Fire Pit is made in America using  304 grade stainless steel. It's tough, durable, and built to last.


  • 21in width x 23.5in length x 18in height
  • Weight: 33lbs