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Rambler, Rover, and Fire Pit Questions

All together, the full-sized unit weighs about 75lbs, or 34Kg.

The pizza oven comes equipped with a 16 inch stone. You can make your pizza all the way up to 16 inches if you like, just be aware that you won't have as much room to maneuver it.

The pizza oven's thermometer maxes out at 900°F or about 480°C. Our recommended cooking temperature is 750°F, so if you find yourself getting any hotter than that, it's time to stop adding fuel!

No way! The fire itself is extremely contained within the pit. When you're cooking, the collar with keep your flames safe from the wind, and help to channel all the heat up to your oven or grill.

The stand is perfectly safe to use on your deck. We recommend always using your fire pit on top of the stand to prevent damage to the ground underneath it. The stand helps to dissipate any heat from from the fire pit.

Yes, everything but the lower half of the stand will be hot to the touch. You should never move the fire pit or stand while there is a fire or coals inside it. If you need to move the pizza oven, use the provided gloves and handles to do so.

We have successfuly cooked using firewood, lump charcoal, and charcoal briquettes. We recommend firewood for the pizza oven, and any form of charcoal for the grill.

Rocket Stove Questions

The Hot Ash Mini weighs just under 1lb or 0.45kg, and the Stainless Steel Hot Ash Stove weighs 2lbs or 0.90kg

Both rocket stoves can burn just about any biofuel. For best results, we recommend dry sticks, or wood pellets.

No. As long as the fire is built properly and centered inside of the fire box, the wind will not be able to put your fire out! If the fire is centered inside of the stove, then it will be well protected by the outer walls.

Yes, the feet will get very hot to the touch when in use. We always recommend clearing the area at least 2 feet all around your stove. Do not handle any parts of the stove until you are completely sure that it has cooled.