Simple Operation

We've completely redesigned the burn chamber of our Stoves to increase airflow and heat output:

Once you light your fuel, the fire burns sideways because of drafted air. This air hits the back of the stove, creating turbulence - and thus a secondary burn. Because of the bottom chamber, pre-heated air combines with the secondary burn to create a super-hot fire.

Conveniently Nests

The Hot Ash Stoves have been designed to conveniently nest to make pack-up simple and easy.


A Little Bit About Us

Here at Hot Ash, we are genuinely excited to share our wood burning stoves and other outdoor gear with you! We have poured our heart and soul into making products for the best outdoor cooking experience possible! 

We don’t have as many resources as the big guys, but our dedication to superb and USA Made products sets us ahead of the rest. With just an email suggestion you could affect the outcome of a product’s design! We like that we are small so we can stay connected to you. 

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How To Use Your Hot Ash Stove