Packing Light

Packing Light

Whether you're backpacking, or taking the family out for a camping weekend, the importance of packing light should never be taken for granted.

We've all seen those people at the campgrounds hauling in countless bags and boxes to their site. It looks like they're moving in! The less things you have to bring to your camp, the less things you have to pack back up. For most people, this makes for a more enjoyable camping experience.

In today's blog, we're going to be discussing tips to help you cut down on your checklist for camping out.

1. Make a list of your "must-haves"

The best thing you can do is plan beforehand. Make a list of all your must-have items, and don't pack anything that isn't a necessity. Things like toiletries, food, cookware (but only the most basic supplies) should all be on this list.

But making a list of your must-haves is only half of this first step! You also need to put time into figuring out what you can live without. Some things feel like necessities, but are really just luxuries. If you're looking for glamping, then by all means, pack a portable heater and a king-sized air mattress. But if you're looking to go light, you might just find that you can get by with a quality sleeping bag and a roll-up mat.

2. Use the one-bag rule

In general, each person should only need one, small bag for their items. Of course you can share one large one, but this is just a general rule. For younger kids, they should be able to share smaller bags.

Of course, this rule doesn't apply to things like your tent and your food. Choose food that can be easily packed into containers and stored together with your cooking utensils, stove, and serving ware. 

3. Pack multi-purpose items

Whenever possible, try to pack compact tools that have more than one use. A prime example is to have a good pocket knife with lots of tools and attachments. That way you have a knife for getting tinder ready for the fire, a can opener for getting dinner ready, and maybe even some tweezers if anybody gets a splinter.

4. Use a microfiber towel instead of a bath towel

This one may sound weird, but a standard bath towel actually takes up quite a bit of space when packing. Quick-drying microfiber towels are usually smaller and lighter. This means more room for your essentials.

5. Don't overpack on clothes

If you're thinking about bringing multiple outfits per day, think again! You should only need one shirt per day for your trip, and you can even think about re-wearing pants or shorts for a couple of days if they aren't dirty. We recommend bringing one set of pajamas for the whole trip (or two if you're staying longer). That way you can change each night into something a little cleaner.

If you follow this sage advice, you should find yourself with a lot fewer items in the trunk, and much lighter bags to carry. And we think you'll have a much better trip because of it

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