How to Camp in your Living Room

How to Camp in your Living Room

For the time being, a lot of us are stuck in isolation. And with a lot of national parks closing down, you may be seriously missing camping and hiking right now. But what if you could bring the outdoors into your house?

Don't worry, I'm not talking about planting trees in your living room or anything like that. I'm talking about camping in your living room! For a family stuck a home, a little indoor campout is just the thing to help everyone feel a little better about all this quarantine business.


The first thing you'll need is a tent. (That's a no-brainer, right?). Secondly, you'll want some sleeping bags, pillows, and maybe even an air mattress for comfort.

Then there's the matter of food. Now an indoor campout wouldn't feel right without the appropriate food now would it? Obviously you can't light a fire in the middle of your floor, but if you have a grill that'll work just as well. You can even use your camping stove out in the yard for a truly authentic experience.

If you aren't equipped with any outdoor cooking tools, you can always whip something up on the stove-top like hot dogs or hamburgers (my personal camping favorites). You can even make the perfect s'mores right inside your oven!


There's more to camping than just cooking and sleeping right? Of course there is! Board games can be a fun choice for groups of any age. If you're at home with young kids, bring out some activities you would normally bring on a camping trip. Coloring books, crafts, and even card games can be great options.

Once the sun goes down outside, turn the lights out in your house and break out the flashlights. Now is the perfect time to cook up those s'mores we mentioned earlier and start telling some campfire tales. Telling stories is a staple for any good camping trip!

Got any other tips and ideas for staying entertained at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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