The Outdoor Cooking Experience

The Outdoor Cooking Experience

The outdoor cooking experience is one that can't be beat. At Hot Ash, we specialize in the outdoor cooking experience, whether it’s in your backyard, or deep in the woods.

Now you may be asking yourself, why bother cooking outdoors? Well there’s a lot of reasons! Chiefly among them are the health benefits of simply being outside.

  1. Being outdoors boosts your memory
  2. The outdoors boosts your immune system
  3. Vitamin D!
  4. Being outside helps improve mental health
  5. It’s a natural stress reducer

Then there’s the satisfaction of preparing something with a fire that you started yourself. We covered the health benefits of cooking with fire in our pizza oven here.

There’s also the sense of community you get from cooking outside. How many people do you usually get that want to sit around your oven while you cook? The Hot Ash Pizza Oven provides dinner and entertainment, all from the comfort of your own home. You and your guests can all make their own homemade, wood-fired pizzas in just 2 minutes. And if you don’t have much room, that’s okay too! The Hot Ash Pizza Oven disassembles in seconds for easy storage once it’s cooled down.

Every Hot Ash Pizza Oven is fueled by our Smokeless Fire Pit, so you’ve got a great centerpiece to relax around once the pizzas are done! That means more outdoors time in your backyard (and more time to get those great health benefits).

So get outside before the summer ends, and get cooking with the Hot Ash Pizza Oven.



Pizza Oven with Smokeless Fire Pit

$ 850.00

Using only firewood, the Hot Ash Pizza Oven will heat up to over 750°F in just 20 minutes, and it'll cook a perfectly crisp pizza in just 2 minutes. Get the ultimate party piece for your backyard today.

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