Getting the best fire out of your Hot Ash Stove

Check out this video that our good friend Shane Coffey did on how to get the best possible burn in the Hot Ash Rocket Stove! He goes over how to get the best airflow for your fire, and how to keep that flame going.

Hot Ash Rocket Stove: 2 Pound Stainless Steel


The Hot Ash Stove is a beast. Made from stainless steel, this stove can take a beating... it can actually withstand being run over by a truck! This stove burns hot and efficient. Boil a cup of water with just a handful of sticks, wood pellets, or most other biofuels. The Stainless Steel Hot Ash Stove is also extremely packable and disassembles easily.The Hot Ash is proudly made in the USA and is guaranteed for life.

Hot Ash Mini Rocket Stove: 1 Pound Titanium/Aluminum


Made in the USA, the Hot Ash Mini Rocket Stove weighs in at just under 1 pound. The Hot Ash Mini nests conveniently into a small 7" x 2.3" shape. The chimney and burn chamber of the Hot Ash Mini are made from .020" titanium. While the front and rear feet are made from aluminum to add additional strength when using heavier kits. Portable, and versatile, the Hot Ash Mini will take up minimal space in your pack. It also allows you to travel without the need for fuel canisters, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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