A Father's Day Gift Guide

A Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s day. Every year, we celebrate the dad’s in our lives with special gifts. Dad always loves getting a nice silk tie right? Wrong. Ties are great and all, but we think it’s time to get your dad something he’ll really enjoy.

Our counter-offer? The Hot Ash Pizza Oven, Fire Pit, and Grill.

*P.S. Everything on this list is 30% off until Father's Day! (You're welcome)

The Hot Ash Pizza Oven is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves to make delicious food in their backyard. Traditional brick ovens are bulky, and require some serious installation. The Hot Ash Pizza Oven is portable, so you can move it wherever you want, whenever you want.

crispy and crunchy pizza crustAfter
Pizza made from scratchBefore

It uses a barrel shape inside the oven to roll the heat over your pizza, just like a brick oven. That way, you can cook Neapolitan style pizzas like a pro. And the best part? Your new oven will heat up to 750° in 20 minutes or less, using only firewood. No more hooking your oven or grill up to the gas line! Once that oven is up to temperature, your dad will be able to crank out authentic, wood-fired pizzas in just 2 minutes apiece.

grilled vegetables in a stainless steel grill basket

If your dad is more of a grill-master, then we've got you covered! With the Hot Ash Grill Top, your dad can sear himself a juicy steak, or grill up some burgers for his next get together. You can also get him the grill basket, which allows for even more cooking options. Chopped veggies, fish, or small cuts of meat will cook perfectly on the basket. And you'll never have to worry about your food falling into the fire. Our personal favorite is some grilled peppers and onions!

And if that isn’t enough to seal the deal, both cooking attachments are powered by a smokeless fire pit. Once dad’s done cooking, the grill or pizza oven will simply detach from the top of the pit. Then, everyone can pull some chairs up around the fire pit, and enjoy not being smothered by smoke.

portable rocket stoves, made in the USA

If your dad is more of a camping fan than a backyard cooking fan, then he’ll love our wood-burning rocket stoves! These stoves burn only natural fuels, so no more lugging around fuel canisters. Hot Ash portable rocket stoves work with a handful of twigs that you can pick up just about anywhere. You can get your dad the heavy-duty stainless steel model, or the lighter, backpacker-friendly titanium model. Either way, he’ll be ready to hit the trail and cook some delicious food.

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