Help Out a Hot Ash

Help Out a Hot Ash

The online shopping world of outdoor gear is full of great camping stoves of all sorts.  Some are small, some super lightweight, and some inexpensive. 

After researching many of these stoves, we put a lot of thought into the design of our Hot Ash.  Now, we know it’s a tad heavy for ultra-lightweight backpackers, and it’s certainly not the least expensive stove on the market.  But we didn’t want to simply copy another design and sell a me-too stove in an already saturated market.

We also know that tons of people make their own rocket stoves… and they are REALLY cool.  Sadly, not everyone has a welder in their garage—not to mention the right skill set—to make their own.  That’s where we come in.  We took care in finding the material and tools to make it for you.  We use high quality stainless steel and a proven method so that we can confidently tell you that your stove will work well—and will last a lifetime.  What else could you want?  Am I right?

Recently, we’ve had a couple of Amazon reviewers, who have not purchased a Hot Ash, give us 1- and 2-star reviews.  Obviously, being bashed for something we’ve worked really hard on stings. And the sting is worse when the bashers haven’t even used our product. With zero actual knowledge of the Hot Ash, they potentially will steer other outdoor enthusiasts away from this stove that we use and love.

We believe the Hot Ash Stove is the best lifelong compact, wood burning stove on the market, and we think you guys—our customers—agree with us!

So, this is where we ask you a favor.  If you bought a Hot Ash and love it, please go to the Hot Ash page on Amazon and give us a positive review.  It would mean to the world to us!

Amazon: Hot Ash Stove

We thank you for being supporters of the Hot Ash, and we look forward to creating more cool gear for the outdoor world.

Hot Ash Stove Team

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