Dare that Hot Ash!

Dare that Hot Ash!

We just stumbled upon Buzzfeed’s great list of ’’20 Camping Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind.’  Great read with some fantastic food hacks.  You should certainly check it out.

This list gave us an idea…

Of course we are bit biased towards the Hot Ash, and have a lot of confidence in what it can do. Like how hot it can burn with very little fuel.  So this got us thinking, what if we dare the people of the internet to challenge the Hot Ash?

So, here’s what we are going to do.  Hot Ash fans and their friends are invited to use the hashtag #darethathotash with things you want to see the Hot Ash do!  We will randomly choose your dares and broadcast it to the world!

Now, for a  couple of requests.  While we love our Hot Ash, we don’t want to die for it, so lets not get crazy people.  We will choose any challenging, out-of-the-box dares that you people throw at us while remaining safe.  Also no jail time.  Not so fun, no matter how much we all enjoy Orange is the New Black.  So lets keep that in mind as well.

The Hot Ash team is excited to see you guys throw at us!

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