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Hot Ash Rambler

$ 999.99

Are you ready to experience Wood-fired pizza, charcoal-seared steak, and a smokeless fire all in your own backyard? The Hot Ash Rambler is a 3-in-1 portable pizza oven, smokeless fire pit, and grill all-in-one.


The pizza oven and grill top are both attachments fueled by our smokeless fire pit. Thanks to the efficiency of the unit, your pizza oven can reach a prime cooking temperature of 750°F in just 20 minutes!

Each attachment can be quickly secured to the top of the fire pit using the collar and can be removed and stored just as easily *(using heat-proof BBQ gloves of course). You'll even get a free pair of 900°F heat-proof gloves with your order!


Don't worry about saving space when it comes to the Rambler. The unit can be easily collapsed into itself for storage and travel.


These products are constructed with 304 (food grade) stainless steel and made in the USA.

To learn more about using your Rambler, check out our instructional videos here.


Fully Assembled: 24.5"W x 24.8"D x 46"H

Fully Stored: 24.5"W x 24.8"D x 31"H

The stainless steel pizza oven attachment can cook a perfect, wood-fired pizza in just 2 minutes. And, thanks to the efficiency of the fire pit base, your oven can come to temperature in under 20 minutes. That’s 3 times faster than a traditional wood-fired pizza oven! 

And unlike a brick pizza oven, the Hot Ash Oven can easily be moved around when not in use.

Each oven comes fully equipped with a high-temperature thermometer and a 16-inch cordierite pizza stone.

You can also attach our stainless steel grill top onto your fire pit collar. Thanks to the intense heat produced by the fire pit, you can get those perfect grill marks on your food every time!

Each grill top comes with an 18 inch stainless steel grill grate and a spacious lid with adjustable temperature control.

The Fire Pit utilizes gasification technology to create a smoke-free fire pit experience. This means that air is pulled into the holes at the bottom, becomes heated between the inner walls of the fire pit, and is reignited at the top. This second ignition is what burns off those smoke-making creosotes

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