Fire pit grate and ash pan
Fire pit grate and ash pan inside the fire pit
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Fire Pit Grate and Ash Pan


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 Your Hot Ash Fire Pit produces extremely intense heat inside. It's important to check your grate and ash pan at least once every season for extreme wear and tear. This grate will fit both the full-sized fire pit, and our travel sized fire pit!

To prolong the life of your grate and ash pan, be sure to empty it after each use. Ash can be corrosive to metal over time. This, paired with the intense heat of the fire pit can cause degradation over a long period of time. You can always send us a picture if you aren't sure about your grate's condition!

*The Hot Ash Fire Pit Grate and Ash Pan is a wear item and is not covered by our lifetime guarantee once it has been used. Please contact us if you have issues with this item in your unit prior to first use.