Instructions and Manual

Operating Your Hot Ash Fire Pit, Pizza Oven, and Grill

The Hot Ash Smokeless Fire Pit, Pizza Oven, and Grill is designed for anyone to be able to use. You can easily download the manual for your new cooking system below! There, you'll find some basic instructions like the ones below, some tips and tricks for getting the best results from your Hot Ash product, and the assembly instructions for your attachments.

Step 1

Load the fire pit with small tinder and kindling. Then, use bigger logs to build around the kindling

Step 2

Light the small kindling. If desired, add charcoal to fire once it burns down.

Step 3

If using an attachment, securely fix the collar to the top of the fire pit. It should lock into place easily. Then, secure your attachment into place.

Step 4

Just add fuel as needed. Then, sit back and enjoy your smokeless fire pit experience!