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Smokeless Fire Pit

$ 450.00

The Hot Ash Smokeless Fire Pit gives you the ultimate backyard experience. Its enhanced airflow allows the Fire Pit to burn with little to no smoke, so no more moving seats to avoid a smokey campfire. You and your guests can simply kick back, grab a brew, and relax for the evening.

The Hot Ash Smokeless Fire Pit utilizes gasification technology to create a smoke-free fire pit experience. This means that air is pulled into the holes at the bottom, becomes heated between the inner walls of the fire pit, and is reignited at the top. This second ignition is what burns off those smoke-making creosotes!

The Fire Pit also features a removable ash pan for easy clean-up, and ergonomic handles for portability.

*Do not use the fire pit directly on top of any flammable surface